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Dear Hair...

Before (12.21.2007)

Dear, Two years worth of hair. It's been so long since I left you alone. I let you grow on your own and didn't mind that I spent a lot of money buying conditioners and other treatments just to make sane. But all my efforts were useless and I have come into the decision of severing your ugly side. We have to sacrifice something small to gain something big. This is a painful decision we will deal with it together.

During (12.22.2007)

I am sorry. I made a mistake of trusting the wrong person. I am taking full responsibility of the fact that the stylist that I paid with my day's worth of hard work ended up in a failure. Forgive me for not checking if she could determine the difference between six inches and 15 inches. I learned my lesson well and I learned it the hard way. Will you ever forgive me?

After (12.24.2007)

We did it! Finding a salon on the day before Christmas is trouble with the capital T. This time, I checked everything well. Having the stylist redo your style after two sets cutting + styling. Though it's not the kind of style I have planned for you a few days back but this is the best we could do with your length and the kind of damage the first stylist did to you, this is the best I could do. This is a lesson learned the hard way, but we will face the consequences together. We can get over this stage and be back to what we used to be.


Thanks Cris! What I like the most with this style is I don't have to go through the trouble of styling it if I'm lazy. Though I really miss my long hair, It will take another two years for that hair to come back. And I am making sure that I won't be coming back to those two salons. They're on my hate-list now, haha!
i like your shorter hair! :)
nice! happy holidays! *hugs*