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six years

... since we agreed to ride the emotional roller coaster. It's mostly love and we learned a lot from our hate. Two became one, and now we were three.
Happy Anniversary K-kun.

gene mayrics

little nudger

24 weeks.

baby ichi (as i call him/her now) is quite a nudger. must be enjoying his/her little space, swimming around mommy's tummy. i love looking at the sudden movement of my tummy. lucky daddy was home when baby ichi started moving again. daddy placed his cheeks on the tummy when the bulge almost hit him.

5 more days before my monthly check-up. 4 more weeks before the 3d/4d ultrasound. 3 more months before christmas. a hundred and some more days before little one's arrival.

just can't help but start counting down the days. oh yes, we are that excited!

Amelie Imagination

Books to Films

I thought I'm excited for the Twilight screening on November but I just seen ET and saw their behind the scenes footage of Angels & Demons! Wow! One of my favorite books on film. Yes, Tom Hanks is still Robert Langdon. I just hope that the film won't be that much of a disappointment compared to The Da Vinci Code. Nevertheless, I'm still excited for the 2009 screening! Yay!

Here's the official trailer found in YouTube (they started filming June 2008)

And here is an impressive fan made trailer. Makes me more excited!

gene mayrics

small talk

me: *laughing at a particular forum post*
k: gene (in a reprimanding tone)
me: why? (still laughing at the post)
k: mag-earphones ka nga.
me: bakit? hindi mo ba maririnig yung tawa ko kapag nag-earphones ako?
k: *snoring*

LOL! i so love k-kun!

gene mayrics

Onli in da Pilipins

Filipinos are known for being innovative and it's really interesting. This time, I am so proud to say that you can find this particular project Onli in da Pilipins.

Found in front of a junk shop in Dasmariñas, Cavite. Yup, that's the body of an old refrigerator used as a sidecar for the bike/pedicab. Still a work in progress, I believe. :D

oren ishi


Just when I was about to munch on my small dose of Meiji Black Chocolate, an advertisement about diabetes pops up on screen.

Oh great!
amelie happy with you


To my Mama
to K-kun's mother
to my two lovely sisters
to the mothers who read this
and to their mother's mother
and to all who has been a mother to someone in one way or another
this is to all of you
Thank you
Happy Mother's Day.

+ + +

Spread the love. Feel free to copy and share this photo. Just make sure that you won't change anything at all. You can post this on you blog, personal page or have it printed into a card or a postcard and send to the important women in your life.
No commercial use please. Comments, credits and a link back are optional but highly appreciated. Click on the picture to fully enjoy.
Have a great day!

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Fruitcake Moon

23h 07m, 5 days, 30 mins


currently the winning bidder...
but still so damn nervous...
my paypal is good to go...
the only problem is time...
argh, i hate the wait!


on our way home yesterday, we saw a kitten that looks exactly like mutya. but she's smaller and the tail is different and very fierce. i know, because she almost scratched me when i held her in my arms. she's not our baby. it's been five days and still no sign of her. but we're not giving up. we would still check each and every kitten that looks like her.

so mutya, please come back soon.

music fest

we (k-kun, rj and i) will be meeting ericka-senpai in eastwood for the 4th jam music fest at 1930 hours. a lot of bands will be playing and the good thing is it's free. let's just hope that mother earth would allow us to enjoy the night.

will update later... or tomorrow.


gene mayrics

here kitty, kitty...

mutya is missing.
they say that she went outside with her birth mother,
now she hasn't gone home yet.
we searched the house upside down and the place around us but no such luck.
we asked the neighbors about her and they haven't seen her.
i should have woken up early so that she'll have someone to play with.
i shouldn't have forced her to befriend potchi.
i should have locked her in our room while we were sleeping.
i should have...

here kitty, kitty...
come back to mommy.


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