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23h 07m, 5 days, 30 mins


currently the winning bidder...
but still so damn nervous...
my paypal is good to go...
the only problem is time...
argh, i hate the wait!


on our way home yesterday, we saw a kitten that looks exactly like mutya. but she's smaller and the tail is different and very fierce. i know, because she almost scratched me when i held her in my arms. she's not our baby. it's been five days and still no sign of her. but we're not giving up. we would still check each and every kitten that looks like her.

so mutya, please come back soon.

music fest

we (k-kun, rj and i) will be meeting ericka-senpai in eastwood for the 4th jam music fest at 1930 hours. a lot of bands will be playing and the good thing is it's free. let's just hope that mother earth would allow us to enjoy the night.

will update later... or tomorrow.


Tags: music, pets, shopping
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